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K2, Pease Pottage Hill, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9BQ.

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Little Ninjas

Starting as young as three and a half we teach all the fundaments of Karate i.e.; focus, respect, discipline, but most of all fun. For our Ninjas we offer a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving preschool-age children’s basic motor and listening skills. These skills are; Focus, Teamwork, control, balance, memory, discipline, fitness and coordination. Each class is focused around these skills and once our ninjas complete the lesson they are rewarded with a skill stripe. Classes are designed to be energetic and fun for the whole family. Your little one will love to learn these skills through games and activities to promote fun and learning, but don’t get to comfy sitting down and watching. You may need to kick your shoes off and help. Once your little Ninja has completed all their skill stripes they will do their Ninja test, where they must show all their skills to progress to the next belt. Book your free trial lesson and watch your child’s confidence grow as they start their journey to become a real-life NINJA.